25 Jun 2007

Skin Spa Baby

Skin Spa Baby provides the spirit of life, a place to bond and nurture with your baby as you connect from the beginning. We then put you at ease as we sprinkle you with tender care and spoil mommy and baby in joyful luxury. Skin Spa Baby also offers mommy a chance for treasured moments alone while your baby is cared for by our expert caretaker.

Finally, for those days when just getting a shower feels like a victory, we hope to encourage all women in the sometimes daunting but always amazing pursuit of motherhood.


25 Jun 2007

Infant Massage

Giving your infant child his first few baths should be a rewarding and enjoying time for a new parent. Often times bath time is anything but that! Babies are extremely sensitive and most all of newborns completely dislike the entire bathing experience. Many tubs offer fancy features with the promise to make bath time easy for both parent and baby, but few have the most desirable of outcomes. The Soothing Spa and Shower Baby Bath by Summer Infant Products just might be changing all of that for good. I had an opportunity to test drive this new product a few weeks ago while babysitting for my sister in law. Having already had a child of my own, I already had a pretty good idea of what bathtime with this baby was going to be like. I was honestly not looking forward to it!

Little did I know that there was a very pleasant surprise in store for me. At first glance, the baby spa looks pretty generic. It has a regular white basin like most baby baths. However, there was a slight sleek difference. I noticed after I pulled it out that it actually looked like one of those antique Victorian wash tubs with the claw foot that I have always admired. How chic for baby! The soft padded bath sling was soft and even adjustable, so getting the baby in and out and well-situated was a breeze. It was a nice change from the baby tubs I had used with my own child in the past! I was able to easily recline the baby in the tub comfortably.

What I love about this baby spa is that it is so quiet and gentle. It sounds like a trickling brook when you turn it on, a sound that babies and adults alike can enjoy. It was absolutely soothing and serene to us both. The water was swirled around gently by the spa attachment, which runs off of batteries. It also provides a gentle shower for baby when it is time to rinse off all the soap. My neice did not even blink an eye when we were rinsing, it was that gentle!